Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Wait For Love

Don't excite love, don't stir it up until the time is ripe. Song of Solomon 8:4, 3:5, 8:4 

This message is referenced three times in the Song of Solomon. The repetition displays an importance.  If you are looking or waiting on someone to find you, be constant and steady in patience. God has a special someone for you! You don't have to go looking and hunting for them. God has already predestined you expected meeting date and time. As you wait, do just that, wait on God. Wait on God. Serve God. Give your time. Learn a new hobby and enjoy. Get to know God deeper, more intimately.

Don't accept everyone that tries to entire your life. Be aware of labeling people "the one". Secondly, beware of labeling someone "the one" without consulting God first. Even after consulting God, pray it out. Our desires can sometimes we heard has God's instructions!

Let me encourage you...
When I met my husband, I didn't go looking for him. In fact, I wasn't looking at all. I didn't put myself in a place I wouldn't normally go. I didn't try to be something I wasn't. I was simple me...then one night, my husband (didn't know it at the time) walks into my life at a Chili's restaurant.

God knows your address and he knows how to lead your spouse straight to you. When you are ready, your spouse will entire your life. He or she will not enter anytime sooner than God prepared. As you wait, stay focused on God. When you wallow in self-pity and loneliness, you delay the process. Keep your heart right! Stay alert! Don't let envy and jealousy enter your heart. Those characteristics sends creates on a detour which in turn takes your special someone longer to reach you!

Make a list of your expectations in a spouse. Don't lower your standards. God will give you all that you desire, plus some more. Your spouse will be yours and you will be his, forever, when God puts you together.

Single man, woman, God wants you to know, you are beautiful from head to toe. You are his dear love, beautiful beyond compare, absolutely flawless (Song of Solomon 4:7 MSG). Be comfortable in your own skin. Be who God created you to be. Be whole, only then will an addition be added to your life.

Don't excite love, don't stir it up until the time is ripe.

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