Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Shaddai's Shadow

Psalm 91 grants me access to the shadow of the Almighty. I do not fear bad things happening to me because God is my covering. In his presence, is my fortress. It is God I trust totally and completely. God covers with his wings; he provides the refuge. I will not fear what man can do to me. Though arrows may fly, God's faithfulness is my shield. I will not fear bad things happening to me. 

A thousand may fall right next to me, but I will not! No harm will come near me. God has a protective shield surrounding me. There's noting that can penetrate God's protection. How amazing is God. He commands his angels to guard me all day long. I have 24 hour angelic protection! That's how much God loves me. 

God rescues me because he loves me, unconditionally. When I call on him, he readily answers. When I need help, he delivers and honors my requests. God promises to satisfy me with long life with the company of his salvation. 

Take refuge in the shadow of Shaddai. 

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