Sunday, February 19, 2017

Be Still

Rest in knowing God is God. He has things worked out already. He is working on your behalf. 
When we are still, we can hear God's voice. God reassures his love for us when we are still. We are able to open up to God and tell him anything. The great thing about God is, he reads our thoughts before I know them.

When we meditate on who God is, everything we thought was a concern becomes minute, less than a minus. We are straightened when we know that he God. God is able to do immeasurable more than we can ask or think.

When we are still and know that he is God, we are aware of our kingdom rights. We stop accepting things that don't line up with God' will. God's will is his word. But, if we don't spend time in the word, we want know all that we have access to.

Tune out the voices of the world. Stop seeing counsel from the friends around you. Listen to God. Who else better knows us best? Only God knows us from the inside, out. Only God knows what's to come. Only God knows what's best for us independently, and corporately. God wants to pour out and bless you more than you know.

Give God a chance. You want be sorry. Your life will never be the same as a result of getting to know Jesus.

Be still. 

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