Friday, February 10, 2017

God Can Bend Time

This morning, after reading my devotional, I paused in awe at the massiveness but yet the simplicity of God. When I spend time with God, he bends the time to allow me to accomplish all that I need to do. When I stop and give God my attention, he repays me with strength to accomplish my daily tasks.

Spending time with God is the only way to get to know him. The more I spend time with God, the more I get to know His voice. I learn what He enjoys. I learn what His plans for your life are. I am able to get more done, when I spend less time focusing on the things that I have to do, by spending time with God.

Remember the story in Luke 10 of Mary and Martha? Mary knew the importance of sitting still at the feet of Jesus. But Martha, however missed the message because she was too busy focusing on all the things she needed to do to get ready for Jesus. Mary knew that all she had to do was come, as she was. We shouldn't feel like we need to get ready for Jesus. He accepts us as we are when we invite him in and then the changes occur the more we spend time in His presence.

Some say, I need to get myself together before I get right. Nonsense, Jesus is the "getter-righter." We are mere humans. What sin can we wash away? What sin can we correct on our own? None! Jesus is the one that cleanses and keeps!

God is Love. 

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