Wednesday, February 15, 2017

All Is Well

2 Kings 4:8 - 37 tells the story about a Shunamite woman. She had one son died. He died in her arms.  "It is well, it is well" were the ONLY words spoken as she ran to the prophet Elisha. What great faith she had. She focused on what was unseen instead of what was evident. That's what faith does. It believes the unseen and charges the impossible with a possible outcome! 

What about if we handled our impossible situations with that same attitude. Imagine the mountains we'd move and the giants we slay! Thing would turn around faster. Our prayers would get answered, quicker. We get an increase in instant manifestation of healing. 

I'm learning to watch my words. It is a daily practice to discipline my thoughts and my words. Those things around me may seem to be "showing" something different, but really matters are the words I say. When I'm having a bad day, I change it to Boy, what a day! When I'm not feeling well, I say, "I thank God for healing me!" When I have a headache, instead of expressing that, I'll say, "This headache is leaving in Jesus name!" 

The words we say can bring something to life or kill. My words are powerful. The words I speak, shape my attitude. When we complain and doubt, we cancel God's plan. Angels only move when we speak the word. 

I can have what God says I have because I say I have it. I can do what God says I can do because I say I can do it! I will be what God wants me to be, because I say I will be. I am what I am because of the words I've made a conscience effort to say! My dreams, goals, and visions will come to pass because I speak them into existence. Every time I speak about whats to come, in agreement with God's word,  my angels set things in motion. 



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